Pertinent Arbitration Experience

Mr. Moritz uses his extensive legal experience to guide parties to an efficient and cost effective resolution of their dispute. Recent Arbitration and Mediation experience below. Download video conferencing resources on the side bar.

Recent Arbitrations

Participated in approximately 100 arbitration as Sole Arbitrator, Panel Chair or Wing Arbitrator. Experienced in Conducting Virtual Arbitration Proceedings

Recent significant arbitration matters 2016-2020.

Early Stage /Venture Backed Company:  Raising Securities Fraud/Breach of Fiduciary Obligations and Valuation issues

Franchise Dispute -Trade Secrets and Early Termination issues.

Franchise Dispute-Breach of Royalty Obligations.

Health Care: Multi-year Payor/Provider Dispute. Sole Arbitrator

Insurance industry dispute. Enforcement of Uniform Trade Secrets Act and related Contract provisions. Sole Arbitrator.

Emergency Arbitrator: Post termination breach of employment agreement and confidentiality agreement. Relief Granted.

Renewable Energy: Multi-million-dollar Post Completion dispute regarding allocations of construction cost savings under a Wind-Farm development agreement. issued.

Renewable Energy:  Breach of Contract Dispute concerning the purchase, sale and performance of several multi-million-dollar wind turbines.

Renewable Energy:  Power Purchase Agreement dispute between 300 MW Renewable Energy facility and public utility.

Breach of Supply Contract: Dispute concerning pricing of a long-term energy supply agreement. Wing arbitrator. Multi-million-dollar dispute.

Franchise Dispute: Post termination dispute  regarding various obligations under a Franchise Agreement.

Financial Hedging Transaction: Dispute regarding issues of market manipulation that nullified $2,500,000-$5,000,000 of potential value of hedging positions. Chair

Guarantee Dispute: Dispute as to scope of a guarantee between two principals and a Corporate Lender: Sole Arbitrator .

Industrial Damage Claims: Fire caused by contractor’s faulty workmanship resulting in the destruction of several million dollars of industrial equipment. Sole Arbitrator

Joint Venture Agreement:  Dispute regarding non-performance of obligations under a joint venture agreement-Sole Arbitrator

Joint Venture Agreement: Dispute concerning the termination of a joint development and operating agreement of a large industrial facility. Wing Arbitrator